Want to Consult with Intrigue Expert Sam Horn?

Thanks for asking about Sam Horn’s consulting services. Here are just a few of the types of projects Sam can help you with.

  • Presentation coaching – from design to delivery – from keynotes to TED talks
  • Media training – craft repeatable/retweetable content that takes your message viral
  • Pitch coaching – create ROI slide decks that win funding and close deals
  • Book coaching – ideation to publication, positioning, proposals, content, marketing
  • What’s NEXT? coaching – crystallize a meaningful, congruent legacy project
  • Umbrella Brand Coaching – develop a unique umbrella brand that includes ALL your business activities so they’re funneled and focused yet give you freedom and flexibility

In the past twenty years, Sam has helped thousands of clients reap dramatic bottom-line results that exceeded their expectations. For example, Sam has:

  • been the official Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises, which has helped women entrepreneurs receive more than $8.8 billion in funding. One of her Springboard clients received BusinessWeek’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneur Award of 2010.
  • helped a Hall of Fame speaker craft his TEDx talk that received 65,000 views in 3 weeks.
  • helped the former Creative Director for MGM Studios prepare for an L.A. Times interview that successfully launched her career as a full-time script consultant.
  • helped the owner of a “corporate narrative” business create a NEW title/brand name, craft a 4-page book proposal and land a book deal with a NY publisher in 2 days.
  • helped an entrepreneur develop a successful investor pitch. He stood up in an EO meeting and said, “Sam helped me get $10 M in funding from a half-day consult.”
  • helped the 3-time winner of America’s “Best Small Business to Work For” fine-tune their positioning, messaging and website copy to accurately reflect their brand promise.
  • helped a non-profit executive conceptualize and write a book about his organization that premiered at Chicago’s Soldier Field to an audience of 1,000 people.
  • helped a client prepare a talk for 5000 Facebook employees (including Mark Zuckerburg and Sheryl Sandberg) on how to build a community
  • worked with the busy founder of Travelocity and chair of Kayak to “talk out” his book so he could get his expertise out of his head and onto the page. She then edited his manuscript/self
  • published book which he now customizes for each speaking client.
  • helped a client prepare for her TED-MED panel. Even though she spoke for less than 5 minutes, SHE was the one sought out by the press, meeting planners and attendees.

Select the Package That Best Meets Your Needs

Pick Sam’s Brain for an Hour:
Want to tap into Sam’s genius (that’s what people say about her) to help you create the perfect title, one-of-a-kind tagline, book hook, or stand-out positioning for your project?

  • Can be used in a 60-minute phone or Skype/Zoom call to be recorded by client
  • Includes Sam reviewing up to 10 pages of submitted material in advance

Presentation Package:
Includes THREE coaching sessions (Tailored to your goals, experience, pace):
Sample focus of each session could be: (Remember, this is customized to your needs.)

  • 1st session: strategize the perfect title, topic, description and approach for THIS situation and audience so it delivers desired results for you and the program organizer.
  • 2nd session: develop intriguing, original content, memorable sound-bites, and action steps that capture and keep everyone’s attention from start to finish, and that motivate people to remember what you say and act on your ideas in the months/years ahead.
  • 3rd session: fine-tune content and practice delivery so you are confident, project a leadership presence that commands respect and creates an outstanding presentation that is the buzz of the event, gets you asked back, and scales your influence for good.
  • Each session = up to 80 minute in-depth phone or Skype/Zoom call
  • Each session recorded by client (to be shared with team, transcribed, operationalized)
  • Includes Sam reviewing your website, video, proposal, materials and Sam’s proprietary questionnaire in advance of the initial session
  • Includes Sam reviewing/ prepping follow-up material in advance of each session
  • Please note: This can be condensed into a half–day consult if you’re working with a tight deadline

Book Package:
Includes SIX coaching sessions (These are customized to your goals, experience, pace):

  • 1st session: strategize a smart title, topic, description and genre for a book that will achieve your priority goals. Plus, explore and select the best publishing path for you.
  • 2nd session: outline and story-board the Table of Contents and chapter-by-chapter summary so you have a draft vision of the book and can start filling it in
  • 3rd session: draft chapters with intriguing, original content, real-life stories, memorable sound-bites, and action steps that make the book an inspiring page-turner.
  • 4rd session: Talk out chapters with Rev.com (with Sam interviewing you) to capture your voice and establish a content flow that expedites the production of a quality book
  • 5th session: If this is your priority, draft and craft a 4-page pitch (using Sam’s proprietary template) with competitive analysis and marketing plan and send to agents
  • 6th session: Edit sample chapters, develop Dog on a Tanker Stories, create visual diagrams and frameworks, plan book launch party and create social media promotion campaign to drive visibility, speaking engagements, virtual book clubs and sales-
  • Each session = up to 80 minute in-depth phone or Skype/Zoom call
  • Each session recorded by client (to be shared with team, transcribed, operationalized)
  • Includes Sam reviewing your website, video, proposal, materials and Sam’s proprietary questionnaire ($1600 value) in advance of the initial session
  • Includes Sam reviewing/ prepping follow-up material in advance of each session
  • Please note: This can be condensed into a full-day consult if you’re working with a tight deadline

Some people ask, “Should I wait until I have clarity on my project to work with Sam?”
Most clients wish they had worked with Sam SOONER. Many have spent tens of thousands of dollars on websites. branding specialists, publicity campaigns that didn’t yield any results.
They tell us, “We got more from Sam in one session than all the other ‘experts’ combined.”

Some people ask, “What if I want to work on a book and a presentation at the same time?”
Sam doesn’t “silo” your projects. Everything she suggests can be used in all aspects of your business and is based on her 30+ years of experience as a highly-successful global speaker, published author, media resource, event planner and in-demand coach/consultant.
In fact, many clients tell us Sam saves them time and money because she does the work of several “vendors.” She connects dots no one else sees and leverages her contacts and track record to help you land funding, a quality agent or editor, profitable book deal or national speaking engagements you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Some people ask, “Does Sam only work with celebrities and well-known thought leaders?”
It’s true that Sam has had the privilege of working with some famous people – from Gail Sheehy, author of Passages to Presidents of NSA, ICF, SHRM, EO and ASAE.
And, she welcomes people who are in all stages of their project. Whether this is your first book or presentation – or whether you’re speaking for Google and Facebook – Sam can help you create a quality project that achieves your goals and adds value for all involved.

Some people ask, “Can I include a member of my team in our consults?”
Yes, many clients ask their web designer, co-author, cover designer, project manager or PR person to be the call so they can ask questions, contribute to and run with what is produced.

Please note: You are also encouraged to record your sessions. The positioning and language you and Sam develop together is often “perfect” and can go right into your project. Our clients tell us they listen to their recordings again and again. They say they catch new nuggets each time they can use on a variety of projects AND they are inspired by Sam’s support of their vision that keeps them moving forward with excitement, clarity and purpose.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Working with Sam is the biggest gift I could ever have given myself. She has this unique ability to truly hear what you’re saying – both evident and not – and frame it back to you in such a way that you DO something with it. I can try to explain it until the cows come home but instead, work with her to see what unfolds. She is 100% present, one in a million. I am blessed to work with her, learn from her, evolve because of her.

– Donna Karlin, TED Fellow coach

If you are writing a book – even just thinking about it – Sam Horn will crystalize your planning and implementation and simplify your decision-making. There may be others on the planet who know more about helping you publish profitably and properly, but I can’t think of anyone else I’d trust first.

– Dave Yoho, Hall of Fame Speaker and President of Professional Educators Inc.

Working with Sam Horn is one of the best investments I have ever made! Her insights are pure genius and consistently yield amazing results. I’ve worked with her one-on-one and I’ve taken her Speaker’s Boot Camp. She is truly one of a kind. I highly recommend her services to anyone feeling a little stuck or wondering why they aren’t achieving the visibility and success they desire.

– Cynthia Shapiro, author of Corporate Confidential

Sam Horn is one of the most brilliant people on the planet. She has the unique ability to see things others don’t see about their business and show how they can turn those distinctions into gold. I’ve hired and recommended Sam on multiple occasions with great success. If you need a big dose of brilliance for your book, business, or brand, you need to hire Sam now.

– Gina Carr, Harvard MBA, the Tribe Builder and co-author of Klout Matters

Early in my writing career Sam was kind enough to help me understand the world of agents, publishers and pitch letters. 2 million copies sold later, with 7 books translated into 25 languages, I can wholeheartedly say hiring Sam to be my coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There are a lot of ways you can invest your time and funds. Working with Sam is one of the first places I’d start.

– John Strelecky, author of Big Five for Life

Sam has helped me with a range of projects. If she takes you on as a client, she does her research, thinks carefully about your project and really helps you harness and focus your creative energy (or find it, if it’s gone missing). I highly recommend her for work ranging from building your speaking business to getting that book out of your head and on paper.

– Stephanie Vance, CEO of Advocacy Institute

I know a master teacher when I meet one. Sam provides coaching on a macro and micro level that is off the charts.

– Dan Coughlin CEO of the Coughlin Company,
(a consultancy whose clients include Marriott, Coca-Cola,
McDonalds, GE, Shell Oil, Subway, Prudential, Re-Max, Toyota).

Ready for Next Steps?

Ready to start working with Sam? Have questions?
Call us at 805-528-4351 or email Sam’s Business Manager Cheri@SamHorn.com.

Cheri is based in California and has run Sam’s speaking/consulting business for the past twenty years. She can:

  • answer any questions you might have
  • help you select the right package for your needs/goals
  • schedule your first appointment
  • discuss whether working in person or virtually is better for you
  • arrange payment
  • email our detailed questionnaire (which many people say gives them more clarity than they’ve ever had about their goals, career assets and possible next steps.).
  • clarify what prep work to send in advance that Sam will review before appointments

Cheri will be your point of contact while working with Sam. We look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you and helping you crystallize and achiever your business goals.